Global online zoom life coaching 

Celestia Barby Online Zoom Coaching

This is a bespoke 1-1 online zoom video course.

Signature your soul plan will benefit you by receiving guidance from a professional life coach to listen to you and advise you on how to gain more out of your current lifestyle. You will gain a huge confidence boost and learn valuable new knowledge. 

Signature your soul plan may be for you if

  • You are looking for a global opportunity to improve your personal development within the way you think, act and look.

  • If you like the idea of being coached from home online and you are looking for new creative ideas and goals to work towards.

  • If you need that extra motivational push to help you stand out on social media and improve your overall network.

Earth From Space

What's Included?

1-1 Confidence building within the way you think, act and look.

Awakening the minds perspective with constructive feedback.

Goal clarification and removing limiting beliefs.

Deeper motivation for life with a bigger global vision for success.

Finding your voice to the world and speaking out. 

Social media guidance.

Time per session: 1 hour

Amount of Sessions: 6-12 

Client Reviews and Accomplishments

The first goal is that I have become much more confident in the way I look and most importantly think! I’ve become way more driven in my passion for music but also accept that discipline must be practiced. The second goal is that I do not hold myself back with mistakes as you can only learn from them It was a great step in the right direction. There is no shame to ask for help, the strong will help the strong to get stronger. Not weaker.

- Rohan Gohil

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Signature Your Soul Zoom Plan

If you would like to apply for a signature your soul plan, please fill out the client application form.

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