Stand out on social media like a v.i.p.

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Bespoke social media training to gain personal and brand recognition, a powerful global network, and overall confidence. 

Within the blueprint course, you will benefit from gaining a unique vision to understand how social media works and how to navigate it to help your online platforms stand out from the crowd.  


You will receive excellent networking skills to be able to really connect and grow a great audience and create online success. 


You will learn how to build a strong online story and promote yourself effectively in front of the camera to get your image and voice in the spotlight. 


There are over 4 billion active social media users in the world, so now is your time to boss up, inspire others and make a global success for yourself! 

The social media blueprint course will help you to 

  • Gain direction to help you understand how to use social media at it's best to suit your needs.

  • Create a clear powerful message to grow and connect with your audience.

  • Build online confidence and clarity with knowing what to post.

  • Inspirational knowledge to gain new levels of awakening within the mind.

  • A woman wanting to become an inspirational speaker. 

  • A schoolgirl wanting to create a makeup business.  

  • A businessman wanting to promote his business coaching. 

  • Anyone from ages 14+ who would like to improve their online presence,

  • find purpose and stand out from the crowd.

This is for

What's Included?

1-1 empowerment social media leadership training.

How to build powerful content and grow a global network.


Confidence life coaching.

Strong sales funnels and branding techniques.


Communication and public speaking.

Professional photo and video shoot. 

Blueprint social media test. 

  • Role Model Academy certification on completion. 

Time: 9 hours

Amount of Sessions: 1

Lunch and refreshments included. 

Client Reviews and Accomplishments

Within the social media program, I have achieved more ways to feel positive always and to value myself more. This has given me the strength to believe in my dreams. Yes, I would recommend this course to anyone to learn new social media skills and mindset skills. I have become more clear on how we see others and how I can connect messages online to inspire and make a difference. Celestia is a great life coach because of her kind heart. She opens your mind to reflect on who you are. She is easy to talk to and she makes you feel at home like family. She has helped me build more confidence and how to become a boss. Her mindset is awesome!!

- Bizzy Panchal

Social Media Blueprint Classroom


The Social Media Blueprint

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