Life is your art

Celestia Barby With Role Model Mentorship Client

A creative 1-1 mentorship journey that helps you evolve within the way you think, act, and look. 

Are you ready to BOSS up and create a strong vision to direct your mind and dreams into a happy successful lifestyle system that works.

Having a professional confidence life coach, allows you to unleash your soul to the world and reach higher levels of success and overall fulfilment. 

The role model mentorship will help you to 

  • .Grow to your confidence and self-worth to peak performance within the way you think, act, and look.

  • Enhance your social life with the ability to connect with great minded leaders. 


  • Stand out from the crowd on social media, enhancing your promotional content and online presence. 

  • Improve you're speaking, presentation and communication skills. 


What's Included?

  1-1 Confidence building within the way you think, act, and look.


Public speaking, communication and presentation skills.

Personal and business relationship mentoring.


Social media training.


Professional photoshoots.

Goal clarification and journaling.


  • Role model academy certification on completion.

Time per session: 3 hours 

Amount of Sessions: 6 

Client Reviews and Accomplishments

I would highly recommend the role model mentorship because you don’t often realise what challenges you face until you’re thrown in the deep end to face them, you never really understand what you're going through until someone helps you overcome it. 

I am very thankful I was able to put myself into the deep end and be able to face what it was that was bringing me down and now I see a new light, not just within the world but within myself and I would never want to go back to how I was before.

-Venetia Mistry

Role Model Academy


The Role Model Mentorship

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