Become a winning life coach 

Life Coaching Blueprint Client

Transform your life coaching career and make a difference in the world.


You will understand how to position yourself within the life coaching industry and gain the right tools you need to become a successful life coach within this incredibly creative and valuable career choice.

You will learn... 

  • The fundamental teachings to become a great life coach, find your niche, and build a powerful reputation within the life coaching industry.

  • Grow confidence within the way you think, act, and look.

  • Receive the mindset and vision of how to create your life coaching services and become your own boss. 

  • .Gain insight into who your clients are, how to attract them on a global reach, and build a strong long-lasting client base.

  • Enrich your vision with a proven meditation process to use for your future clients.  

  • Practice public speaking, communication, and presentation skills. 

  • Understand how to promote yourself to stand out from the crowd as a life coach and elevate your social media.


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What's Included?

Day 1 Theory:

Understanding why life coaching is a good career choice.

Overcoming any limiting beliefs or procrastination. 

Identify your life coaching niche to suit your purpose. 

Gain insight on how to create your life coaching services and products.

Powerful life coaching tools to help develop a strong client base. 

Social media training. 

Goal clarification. 


Day 2  Practical:

Confidence building within the way you think, act and look.

Public speaking, communication, and presentation skills.

Learn visualisation meditation. 

 Professional photoshoot x2 edits.


  • How to become a life coach blueprint exam.

  • Role model academy certification on completion. 

Time per session: 8 hours 

Amount of Sessions: 2

Lunch and refreshments are included on both days.

Price £700



Client Reviews and Accomplishments

The life coaching blueprint was amazing. The first goal that I achieved was finding my niche within the life coaching industry and then this led me to book my 1st ever life coaching client. 


The second goal I achieved was learning the ways of social media to market myself to build my business and planning an event to launch my 1st ever published book. I would highly recommend anyone who is wanting to improve any area of their life with Celestia, she has given me so much confidence to go after everything I want in my life and I will always be grateful for it.

- Sian Lord

Sian Lord
Meditation Room


The Life Coaching Blueprint

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