Helping children and adults evolve within the way they think, act and look

Celestia Barby Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational speaking is a great gift to help people grow within the way they think, act and look. 

Celestia is a visionary and a dreamer that shares her personal journey and inspirational knowledge with others to awaken the human spirits of the world to feel amazing and adventurous.


The talks are about helping the audience look at the bigger picture of their own lives, encouraging them to aspire to be the best version of themselves. All the content that is created for the speeches is extremely thoughtful and comes across as extremely passionate to connect with each individual on a deep emotional level to touch their heart.

Are the talks educational? Absolutely! That’s why clients hire me.

Are the talks motivational and inspirational? Yes, they always come from a place of love and passion for life.

Are the talks already planned? Each talk is bespoke and crafted to suit the client's needs and type of audience.

Types of bookings

  • Corporate events

  • School seminars

  • University seminars

  • Fashion shows

  • TV shows

  • Workshops

The aim of inspirational speaking is to deliver a style of content that is strong enough to inspire and create positive change within the human race.

Celetia Barby On TV Set

Client Reviews

Celestia comes very highly recommended. She would do anything possible to make sure that the event goes okay and according to the brief. She does her research well, suggesting ideas that might help to enhance the event to inspire the audience. 

- Jay owner of Leicester Fashion Week.

Celestia Barby at Fashion Show

How to Book Celestia

If you would like to book Celestia to speak please fill out the client application form.

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