Empowerment workshop for businesses

Team coaching plays an important

part of business growth

The dream team is a series of personal development workshops that help a team grow within the way they think, act and look.

Day 1) Get to know 

Day 2) The way you think

Day 3) The way you act

Day 4 The way you look

The dream team workshop improves

  • Public speaking and presentation skills

  • Confidence within the way you think, act, and look.

  • Creative thinking

  • Time and money management

  • Leadership skills

  • Goal settings

  • Problem-solving

  • Customer service and social interaction

  • Social media

Group Life Coaching Class

What's Included?

Confidence building within the way you think, act, and look.

Public speaking and live presentations.

Social media training.

Professional photoshoot.

Team building games.

  •  Role Model Academy certification on completion

Time per session: 2 hours

Amount of Sessions: 4

Refreshments included 

Client Reviews and Accomplishments

I have recommended Celestia's life coaching sessions to some of my friends and other work peers. The reason why I told them was that it is very inspirational and it makes you realise something within yourself after someone that is fully positive and motivational about helping people to overcome their goals and ways of thinking to be more positive towards life.

-Yasamin Yaghubzad

Boss Academy Classroom


The dream team

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