Awaken your soul to the world 

Celestia Barby

Find your real soul and make a positive change within humanity!!

How to find your real soul and become a boss is a group 3 day workshop that will benefit you by helping you evolve within the way you think, act, and look. The workshop will show you new doors to enlightenment and overall success. Get ready to tap into any limiting beliefs and build huge confidence.

Day 1) Understanding your soul.

Day 2) The power of the universe and becoming the product of life.

Day 3) Become a boss and awaken the angel of confidence into a role model.

How to find your real soul and become a boss may be for you if

  • You would like to discover your real soul, hidden strengths and overall vision to stand out from the crowd and be yourself.

  • If you need new inspirational ideas to help you move forward towards your future success.

  • If you would like to build confidence and embrace within new challenges.

  • If you are looking to create a powerful network and gain a valuable social life.

Group Life Coaching Class

What's Included?

3 days of empowerment life coaching activities.

Meditation rituals.

Public speaking and presentation skills.

Social media training.

Mindfulness awakening.

Professional photoshoot.

Team games.

Confidence building.

Time per session: 6 hours 

Amount of Sessions: 3

Client Reviews and Accomplishments

I have recommended her life coaching sessions to some of my friends and other work peers. The reason why I told them was because it is very inspirational and it makes you realise something within yourself after someone that is fully positive and motivational about helping people to overcome their goals and ways of thinking to be more positive towards life.

 -Yasamin Yaghubzad

Boss Academy Classroom


How to find your real soul and become a boss

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