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Celestia Barby - Confidence Life Coach


Celestia Barby is an entrepreneur, confidence coach, inspirational speaker, host, and author of two best-selling books How to find your real soul and become a boss and 365 role model quotes.


Celestia is a global human guru when it comes to self-development and creating positive change within humanity. Celestia and her team are on a mission to build personal development in teenagers and adults within the way they think, act and look. 


Celestia owns a fabulous life coaching practice called Role Model Academy that offers life coaching courses in person and online to build true purpose and motivation to improve lives globally. 


Celestia also owns Boss Studios space for photographers, models, designers, makeup artists, musicians, and life coaches to create great online marketing content for personal and business promotion.


Celestia is a fun, happy, and creative soul that loves connecting with people from all different cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs around the world.


Within Celestia’s inspirational speaking career she empowers people within schools, universities, events, and seminars to help awaken people's minds and to create a new vision for happiness and success. 


Celestia also interviews global role models online within her show called “The role model show” this is a real online hot spot for great inspirational entertainment and powerful knowledge. 

Celestia helps teenagers and adults evolve within the way they think, act, and look.

The mission is to ignite confidence, inspirational knowledge, and fearlessness from within, giving humanity powerful tools to take on life's challenges. 

Celestia Barby


365 Role Model Quotes

Do you believe in the power of positive energy? If the answer is yes then 365 role model quotes are for you to read and enjoy!! 

Deep thinking motivational quotes for the mind to engage positive thoughts and creative vision for success.  

365 Role Model Quotes Book


Life is your art

The Role Model


This is a personal 1-1 life coaching program held at Role Model Academy in Leicester. The mentorship will take you on a journey of self-discovery within the way you think, act and look.

Combining powerful confidence-building techniques and inspirational knowledge you will break through any limiting beliefs you may have to reach higher levels of self-discovery and success. 

Get ready to boss up and unlock new levels of your mind and purpose. 

Time per session: 3 hours 

Amount of Sessions: 6 


This is a 1-1 certified social media workshop held at Role Model Academy or on zoom that will help you flourish within leadership, branding, communication and 

networking skills. The social media blueprint gives you access to funnel the right vision to attract a large audience and a clear online branding. 

Get ready to become a great inspiration and inspire a global audience.

Time: 9 hours 

Amount of Sessions: 1

The Life Coaching Blueprint 

This is a 1-1 course held at the Role Model Academy in Leicester. The life coaching blueprint will give you the tools and vision you need to become an amazing global life coach. The life coaching blueprint will activate your life coaching career and help you find the light to overall fulfilment and life coaching success.

You are going to learn the best strategies to help maximise your capabilities so you can stand out within the life coaching world.

Time per session: 6 hours 

Amount of Sessions: 2

the dream team 

This is a group workshop for businesses held at the Role Model Academy in Leicester. The aim

is to enhance self confidence, communication, 

Leadership skills and connection. 

Each workshop will challenge and motivate each individual to step outside their comfort zone, learn new knowledge and feel empowered.

Day 1) Get to know

Day 2) The way you think

Day 3) The way you act

Day 4) The way you look

Time per session: 3 hours

Amount of Sessions: 4

Signature Your

Soul  Plan

This is a transformational 1-1 life coaching journey held on zoom, giving you access to be coached globally.


Signature your soul plan dives deep into your personal development helping you climb the ladder to success, growing your overall confidence, leadership, and networking skills. u


You will be challenge to think outside the box and express yourself from within the way you think, act, and look.

You will feel extremely motivated with fresh creative ideas. 


Time per session: 1 hour

Amount of Sessions: 6 

Evolution Day 

This is a personal 1-1 bespoke life coaching session held at the Role Model Academy in Leicester. Evolution day will open up all areas of your mind and life to reconstruct your overall vision within the way you think, act, and look.


Combining powerful confidence-building techniques, mediation, photoshoots, and leadership training.


This session will really help you to reach higher levels of self-discovery, success and confidence.  

Time per session: 9 hours 

Amount of Sessions: 1

Group Empowerment Workshop
Zoom Life Coaching With Celestia Barby
1-1 Bespoke LIfe Coaching Session
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1:1 Meeting
One on One Coaching Session
Celestia Barby and Life Coaching Client

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Client reviews and accomplishments

I learned Self-awareness, Celestia helped me to see my blind spots and build my confidence, and encouraged me to put myself out there and be part of the influencers who are uplifting the world.

I also learned how to build new relationships. Celestia is part of a wonderful group of people, her workshops attract the most beautiful souls and it was wonderful to connect with them. Attending the role model awards event also was very inspiring to see so many wonderful people creating a change in humanity. My family attended with me and they really enjoyed the event, made some new friends as well as meeting and speaking with those who have overcome difficult challenges.

- Natalie Lawrence

Natalie Lawrence